New Economy, Old Traditions, Caring Entrepreneurship, Personal Conference report by Amit Amar

הורד"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did
but people will never forget how you made them feel” (Maya Angelou).
I don’t think I’ll forget what Dr. Ora Setter, breakthrough leader and this inspiring conference facilitator, said, did and made me feel. I don’t think I’ll forget what was said, done and felt in this thought provoking conference. I won’t forget the wonderful speaker’s talks about the benefits of spirituality in business. I won’t forget acts of meditating, singing, drawing and Mindfulness in organizations, But mostly I will never forget how I felt:
That it is joyful, right, possible and worthwhile to listen to our inner voices and the universal call, to dream and accomplish kind, free and profitable businesses and society.
That the personal and global cost of ignoring consciousness, society, environment and economic aspects of our living, is frightening and a risk we can’t afford.
That connecting to Colleagues and friends, sharing ideas and stories is pure fun.

My dear freind Dr. Ariela Harel and I

“Reading report should take less than one page, will not summarize nor criticize what you read. It will express personal reflective question related to the content” (Giora Ayalon).
If I’ll try to summarize 3 days, more than 30 speakers, from 13 countries, representing diverse disciplines, it may take more than 5 pages and 5 days. I might just do it. Not here and now.
Given the understanding of global need for change by large scale and mini scale activists and caring entrepreneurs,
Given the path that I am leading my life in, path that combines People, Organizations, Mindfulness and Buddhist approach, a path that is dream driven and aims to bring relief, excellence and freedom to people @ workplace, My question is:
What do I define as my wishful significant Impact, The Dream? Why does it matter?
What can I do, in my space and network that will be game changer?
How should I lead myself and others towards that dream?
I have some answers but that’s another story.

Drawing by Boaz Fine from VisualMinds

Speaking of another story, Garry Jacobs shared his personal stories and I’ll try to describe one of them.
The story begins in a wealthy New York family and continues when Garry, self-centered student in Berkeley, having no clue why he is restless and what his soul was searching for.
A heavy book, in a bookstore, for the cost of 1.85$ fell on his head and changed the course of his life.
That book, written by Indian philosopher named Sri Aurobindo, led Garry to live 45 years in India, actually live. He learned and practiced philosophy and spiritualty that led to deep and highly appreciated understandings of business world.
Today Garry is a known author, CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science and much much more.

Garry’s massage, as I received it, was kind of a summary of the other speakers massages:
We should teach life studies and consciousness principals in business schools. Inspiration is spirituality. Inspiration is life changer and game changer. Leadership is about active spiritualism, allowing ourselves to connect with wider, higher and inner powers. The key for understanding economy is not only about money. It is more about people. The future is human centered, some will say women centered, Values driven not science driven. Trust and faith will help where structures and constitutions will not. Our commitment to consciousness, strive for our higher personal, organizational and global potential, will make the most powerful impact.

Thank you all so much for spreading and sharing your knowledge and caring. I was touched.