I Want The Fairy Tale: Success , Fulfillment & Breath

When Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" negotiate with Richard Gere for "More", he replies, "How much?" and she answers:
"I Want The Fairy Tale".

What do we wish for us, people @ workplace, in a beginning of a new (Hebrew) year?
I Want The Fairy Tale: I wish for Success, Fulfillment & Breath:
Success (also connected to rational, linear, solid goals):
It is common to write contracts and presentations, talk and think about success.
Successes is important, no  doubt. We want us and our customers to succeed, as organizations and as individuals.
Fulfillment (the "emotional stuff" that "flow" in the network)
It is legitimate to write presentations and to speak about fulfillment and emotions as individuals matters that should be taken in consideration.
It is not written in the "contract" as a strategic wishful outcome.
Breath/ air (as air, needed but invisible)
It is unacceptable to write and  talk about breathing at workplace.
This is a basic need. all of us meet the need to reduce overload, stress and demands in workplace.
People seek for air.

The question is: Why isn't it mentioned and written in presentations and contracts? Why isn't it taking place in strategic dialogues? Why don't we put it in our organizational "goal board"?
It seems that the air is still not considered a legitimate conversation (by the way, Michel Foucault talks about "legitimate conversation" in his book "order of discourse").
Maybe because we don't know how to link fulfillment and air to the "bottom line"?
Maybe because we miss something while defining what the bottom line is?

Is it "impossible relationship"? as Richard Gere claims?
Well, I believe it is possible. I  wish for The Fairy Tale: a whole bottom line to us all:
Let it be a year of Success , Fulfillment & Breath @ workplace.


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